Let’s dive into what differentiates your financial technology company.

We help our customers leverage financial technology and digital assets to improve their business. Because we understand all angles and stages of fintech, we utilize proven, go-to-market strategies and time-tested scaling approaches that are currently being used by a wide variety of companies all around the world.

Fintech Hero

We recognize that every business has unique needs and requirements.

Our team is trained and skilled in helping to identify these needs, creating a viable plan of action, and providing expert services for every fintech client.

We understand all angles and stages of fintech.

No matter where your needs lie, we provide quality services.

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Proof of Launch

Whether it’s building a pitch deck, or working with high profile investors, we’ve been there before. We’ve been involved with over $500m in fundraising activity.

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Proof of Marketing

A full-service marketing agency that builds fintech brands by helping you reach stable growth with a tailored, long-term strategy and engagement plan.

What people say

Here’s what our fintech clients have to say about their experience with Proof Systems. Not only do their words speak volumes but so do their results.

Proof Systems understands a crypto, blockchain and fintech ecosystem like no other agency does. Combine this with world class programatic marketing, and kick butt digital design team.. You can’t beat them.

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Aaron McDonald

– Centrality

Key Fintech Marketing Components

Proof Systems has developed a proven track record of success through our in-depth industry knowledge and experience. We understand the trends that need to be capitalized on as well as the areas of the industry that are still evolving and have room for improvement.

To make your dollars count and your engagement soar, we keep these key fintech marketing components top of mind.

Lean Marketing Mindset

This model is built on a test-driven approach and aims to make incremental improvements that are sustainable for your business. While “fail early and fail often” may sound scary to you, we’ve got your back. Proof Systems has methodologies in place to understand how to efficiently launch small test campaigns and analyze the results to customize a viable approach.

Customized, Personal Content

We work beside your team to develop and deliver a robust content marketing plan that goes above and beyond a cost-per-click strategy. This actionable content provides value to your customers strengthens your brand, and delivers revenue by being customized to your target audience segments.

Effective Channels

We understand the rapidly changing and complex space of Fintech. A volatile market is unforgiving and requires dynamic solutions, experience, and adaptability to be overcome. From social media to traditional media, we work to define your target audience and deliver campaigns and content to the places they show up most often. This includes identifying which channels are most cost-effective and that will engage your audience in meaningful ways.

Who we are
Logo Industry experts
01 Industry experts

A combined experience of 6000 hours with financial technologies and digital assets means we know how to make every Fintech business a success, no matter what stage they are in.

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02 Value-driven

We wear our values on our sleeve, which means they influence every interaction and decision we make. Our reliable and trustworthy reputation is what brought you here and we believe it’s what will keep you here.

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03 Achievers

Our result-driven devotion helps us get you the outcome desire and deserve. Quitting is never an option. We won't stop until we meet your goals and nail your strategy

Meet Our Team Meet Our Team
Key Values

Our key values are what build your fintech endeavor.

They are ingrained in our overarching process and are the building blocks for bringing your project to life.

Logo Values Excellence

Our goal is excellence in all that we do, whether it is scalable marketing for large scale enterprises or getting your company off the ground. This is why we commit to confidential, credible, and compelling engagement with us. We don’t call a project done until every member of your team and ours feels completely satisfied with the outcome.

Logo Values Reputation

It's vital that our clients be our biggest fans. Nothing makes a statement like a solid and enthusiastic referral. We take our reputation as seriously as we take your project. We want to ensure that our clients and prospective clients continue to see Proof Systems as the industry leader.

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Customer service

Your happiness is our number one goal. We want 100% of our clients to be happy that they chose to work with Proof Systems. To achieve this we strive to provide reliable, high-quality digital asset and financial technology consulting, driving you to the success you desire. Working with us is a hands-on, thought-provoking and productive experience where we actively listen to you each step of the way.

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We know digital assets and financial technology inside and out and it is a hassle to have to find different service providers depending on the stage of your company. For that reason, we provide you a wide selection of services you can utilize as your company needs change and grow.

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