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Proof Systems focuses on communicating a company’s vision and goals to the public. Outreach, digital advertising, and creating the ecosystem around your company are just a few of the numerous objectives of Proof Systems.

Our goal is to ensure that the projects and companies we work with have the best possible ecosystem to ensure that brands and messages are clearly communicated to the target market.

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Your company will be set up for success long term.

We work with PR firms, blogs, news outlets, influencers, and evangelists who implement digital assets and financial technologies across numerous industries. If your idea is the spark, the marketing that backs you is the fire that keeps your company burning. By finding users, customers, and community members who are truly interested in what you are doing your company will be set up for long-term success.

Marketing Who?

Proof Systems is a full-service agency that builds blockchain brands.

Proof Systems is a full-service agency that builds fintech brands. We handle everything from branding and content creation to advertising for stable and scalable growth. It can be challenging to transition from an idea to the daily operations of a successful business that services clients and customers. Oftentimes, these needs are hard to properly address in the market because companies involved in financial technologies are normally accustomed to bootstrapping startups but not to building out long-term brands.

Proof Systems employs professionals who help take brands to market — not just launch their go-to-market strategy.

Marketing What?

We work to keep your company moving along.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. By meticulously planning and collaborating with your team to ensure messaging and engagement is in line with your long-term vision, we work to keep your company moving. We want to ensure wide-scale adoption of your revolutionary technology. Gaining market share to set your company up as the authority in the newly disrupted market you have worked to build is our primary goal.

Marketing Why?

Working with Proof Systems is a vote of confidence in your company.

By engaging with interested prospects and developing lasting industry relationships we build a strong platform for your company. Through white hat advertising techniques and our proprietary models we have built the foundation that has become the fintech and digital asset industry’s best practices. The campaigns that we develop ensure YOY growth and a strong foundation for a great company. They have been proven time and time again with some of the top companies in the industry.

Marketing How?

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